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  • Should I be worried if I am literally praying for something that I really want?

    Even if it is completely selfish?

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  • On another note

    It’s really hard to stop thinking of you as simply amazing.

    You are simply amazing.

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    I need to wake up in approximately four hours for DISNEYWORLD WHAT

    Last orchestra trip, time to make it count.


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    • Olivia: “What do I do if there are no white hats, if everyone is evil, if the deck is always stacked, if everyone around me is a monster? If no one is worth saving, what’s the point?”
    • Eli: “When you become Command, you are the hand of God. Whatever you think of Jake, however you want to punish him, being the hand of God is the worst punishment in the world. And there is a point. There is someone worth saving. Everyone is worth saving, even the monsters, the demons. In the face of darkness you drag everyone into the light. That is the point. At least I’d like to think that is the point of you.”
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  • Thank You for this life You gave, there is no one like you God.

    Thank you so so so much.

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  • 7 truths

    "College is going to kill me." 

    "This responsibility that I have been given that I was once so passionate about is starting to turn into a huge burden." 

    "You hurt me so much. Every single time I see you, you hurt me." 

    "I can’t ever tell you how I really feel." 

    "If I die tomorrow, I don’t think I’m going to heaven." 

    "I don’t think I am capable of commitment and I seriously need to work on my sense of responsibility." 

    "Life has never been more beautiful and simple. But life has also never been more boring and lonely." 

    Thinking of moving to a private blog soon 

    Cabin fever

    Everyone else seems to have all their orders in affair while I sit here, so stuck in life.

    I hope something happens, something soon.

    so who are you going to prom with?

    Me myself and I lol

    I actually have no idea/expectations

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Seen in Central Park


    Seen in Central Park