I need to unfriend around 300 people on Facebook

Let the social media “spring” cleaning commense

I will never stop being a hopeless romantic who continuously tries to cover it up 

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  • I went to go see these guys in person earlier this evening and to be honest, they are such a magical couple. As musicians they are amazing, and even more, as human beings, they are incredibly lovely. 

    They are definitely an act to see live, their voices melt together like… like… clouds?? 

    Also, congrats to Germany! What a great game :)

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  • whew

    socializing can be exhausting 

    still a blessed day 

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  • forever and ever, amen

    forever and ever, amen

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  • endless

    Sometimes I’ll look at pictures of glittering skylines like New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, or Hong Kong and get immensely overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel like we just take up so much space so quickly, and I’m like, “Humans, Man, People, Slow Down Please.” I feel like the beautiful parts of our Earth are diminishing so quickly; all I can think of are land fills and plastic bags that never actually go away, and the green space of the Amazonian Rainforest that just seems to be decreasing in size each time we look back on it. 

    Sometimes I just want to tell everybody to save us all a little of what’s left, because no matter how hard we try, we will never build something as beautiful as this planet that God has blessed us with. 

    How Being a Doctor Became the Most Miserable Profession 


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Zen inspired Serene Home in Sweden by Gert and Karin Wingårdh.


    Zen inspired Serene Home in Sweden by Gert and Karin Wingårdh.